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Being thinner and lighter, our LVT flooring products can be installed easier and faster than natural alternatives such as wood and stone. There are also less health and safety complications to worry about.
Our customers also appreciate how flexible our products can be to create unique layouts and designs. To meet even personalised needs, for example inbuilt company logos, we can prepare them offsite for you for quicker installation.
To make our floors look perfect the correct subfloor preparation is important. It is imperative that it is clean and dry, free from oils and bitumous compounds.
Acclimatisation of materials before laying will ensure our floors look their best. Choice of adhesives will depend on the location of the tiles and cost.

LVT also know as Luxury Vinyl Tile or Vinyl Planking is a durable light to heavy commercially rated vinyl flooring type designed for the workplace. With a firm core, this plank can withstand heavy objects sitting on it for long periods of time without indentation. The visuals have been created to mimic many species of wood, and types of tile. We find that customers will often choose an LVT over sheet vinyl due to it's looks and greater durability.

Todays vinyl has come a long way from yesterday’s Linoleum. Chances are the vinyl in your home has a felt or paper back on it, or was an original inlaid where the color went all the way through it.

 Vinyl from Armstrong, Tarkett and other leading brands and have a different construction. These types of vinyl have a reinforced layer which allows this 2,3 or 4 metre wide sheet vinyl to be loose laid or fully glued down. Armstrong's Cushionstep, Duality and Stratamax series have backings composed of a clay core (Stratamax), while Cushionstep and Duality offer the newest technology featuring fiberglass. Tarkett and IVC-US offer their own versions of loose lay fiberglass backed sheet vinyl.

 A new bar has been set for visuals where most patterns are nearly indistinguishable from their natural wood or tile counterparts. At roughly half of the price compared to wood or tile, vinyl is the most durable and economical hard surface for a hard working home.

Luxury Vinyls